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The Voyage

Royal Cruiser

Item Number: CUP-001LGEAAR-1166
Item Size:
67 x 22.5 x 70cm
Silver Plated Seahorse with Giant Frog Shell Body and Crack Sea Urchin Shell Body with Pearlized Wavy Turban Shell Accents; Melo Shell Sails; on 4 Silver Plated Seahorse Stand on Black Resin Base

Treasure Ship

Item Number: UP-002LGEAAS-1167
Item Size:
80 x 27.2 x 72.8cm Description: Crack Yellow Tiger Pen and Green Pen Shell with Salisbury's Spindle Shell Prow; Puffer Fish Skin Sails ; Silver Plated Stand on Crack Black Pen Shell Base

Magical Vessel

Item Number: UP-003LGEAAT-1168
Item Size:
55.8 x 23.5 x 77cm
Silver Plated Dragon and Captain's Cabin with Giant Frog Shell Body; Black Parrot Fish Skin Sails with MOP Shell Flaglets; Silver Plated Wave on Crack Black Pen Shell Base

Ocean’s Arc

Item Number: UP-004LGEAAU-1169
Item Size: 52.7 x 22.2 x 56.4cm
Description: Silver Plated Octopus with Cepa Shell Body; Puffer Fish Skin Sails with MOP Shell Flaglets

Luxurious Vessel

Item Number: UP-005LGEAAV-1170
Item Size:
55.2 x 19 x 74.8cm Description: Melo Shell with Silver Plated Scroll Accents; MOP Shell Sails on Black Resin Base

Captain’s Choice

Item Number: UP-006SMLABL-1216
Item Size: 48.3 x 15.2 x 67.9cm
Silver Plated Sealion with Tuna Shell Body; Goat Skin Sails with MOP Shell Flaglet on Sea Urchin and Black Stone Base

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